Nothing is more important than scientific performance.

We have a newly built Laboratory with complete up to date equipment in Houston, Texas.

Our laboratory services provide valuable insights such as the understanding of drilling fluids quality under different reservoir temperatures and pressures.

Our laboratory supports both clients and mud engineersĀ in the following areas:

  • Drilling Fluids Selection and Design
  • Products Selection and Quality control
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Research and Development

We can offer an extensive range of quality control and laboratory services such as:

  • Minerals QC based on API, OCMA & ASTM
  • Polymers Quality Control
  • Water Based Mud Evaluation
  • Oil-Based Mud Evaluation
  • HPHT Drilling Fluids Evaluation
  • Completion Fluids Evaluation
  • Shale Inhibition Analysis
  • Formation Damage Evaluation
  • On-Site Laboratory Services
  • Waste Treatment Analysis
  • Cuttings Treatment Evaluation
  • Hot Roll Evaluation
  • Rheological Properties
  • API Filtration
  • HPHT Filtration
  • Core Flooding
  • Pilot Testing
  • Water Analysis – Wet Chemistry
  • WBM Chemical Reagents
  • OBM Chemical Reagents