To minimize considerably your environmental footprint.

An ORS complete treatment unit is the economical solution for treating slop oils,tank sludge clean up and oil spill recovery.


Mechanically separate Liquids from Solids by High ā€˜ā€™Gā€™ā€™ Force

Range of application

Oil content 40 to 90% ideally more than 60 %
Volume to be treated 5.000 m3 to 100.000 m3 in one site.

Operational organization

The separation system is modular and will adapt to the type of liquid and the volumes to be treated.
This will depend on:

  • Water content
  • Percentage of solids
  • Vegetation

The liquids will be pumped into metal pits for primary settling.
The process described hereunder can be duplicated if large volume of Oil/Water emulsion is present.