Designed to reach highest performance.

ORS offers a fully integrated drilling fluids services,

with consistent quality products, environmentally sensitive and targeted for each operator’s diverse drilling needs.

In addition to a wide range of oil, water and synthetic-base drilling and completion fluids, we offer mud engineering services that include proprietary software packages, comprehensive databases and laboratory capabilities.

ORS designs its own formulations for different drilling fluids systems by using high performance materials and additives.

Our solutions cover a wide range of operational requirements within different geological environments.

Mud engineering and operational services to support drilling operations in a safe and cost-effective manner are provided.

Technical support and on-site supervision to meet client requirements are always available.

ORS Drilling Fluids experts, managers and engineers work closely together to provide the services.

ORS operates custom product blending, storage and manufacturing facility in many countries.

The laboratory provides for customization and extensive testing of drilling fluids for HTHP filtration, low-end rheology profiles, pilot testing, chemical analysis, water analysis and other applications.