The Management of ORS  is committed to and responsible for always providing a

100% safe and healthy work environment and to protect its employees, contractors, visitors, properties, the environment and the public.

We only have one main objective:

To provide an accident free workplace, through the establishment of very complete safe work methods and best practices.

We constantly try to exceed all legislative requirements and always ensure everyone’s right and responsibility to refuse unsafe work.

We ask all employees, contractors and visitors to comply with legislated and employer safety procedures, to participate in numerous safety training programs, to wear required personal protective equipment.

And they are also totally involved in identifying actual or potential hazards and reporting them immediately to their managers or worksite safety representatives.

Our projects, products and processes are managed on a daily basis, in a way that protects the health and safety of people and minimizes environmental impacts.


  1. No job is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.
  2. Never attempt a job if you do not fully understand the Work Permit conditions, or your Supervisor’s instructions.
  3. Always maintain a safe work site: housekeeping and an orderly work place will save you time and effort.
  4. If you observe an unsafe act or condition, report it immediately. SILENCE IS CONSENT !
  5. Always wear the personal protective equipment as instructed. Keep it in good condition. Replace it as and when required.
  6. When working on any chemical whether hazardous or not always ensure the packaging is properly stored and stacked.
  7. Only open packages or drums if necessary.
  8. Do not engage in inappropriate behavior or distract your workmates while they are at work.
  9. Whenever you, or the equipment you operate, are involved in an accident, regardless of how minor, report it immediately. Get first aid attention promptly. You must report all near miss incidents.
  10. Obey all rules, signs and instructions. all activities that are within the HSE context.