A Quality Management System fitting international standards And even goes beyond them.

In order to comply with all customers’ requirements, we have set up a Quality Management System that defines and maintains excellent management practices. It also provides a global standard which spells out best quality and total trust.

For each project implemented by ORS, we follow our Quality management system and always try to go beyond it.

Our Quality Management System includes specific procedures.

All of them are based on quality improvement:

  • improvement on product reliability and efficiency
  • better process control and flow
  • better documentation of the processes and activities
  • greater employee quality awareness and improved skills
  • better understanding of customer expectations and needs

Our Quality Management System also includes a complete and dedicated QA/QC department.

Engineers and inspectors with senior experience work together to maximize the quality of our products and services.


Our on site quality specialists are in charge of permanent inspection and testing services, to ensure that the contractor fulfils all his obligations, anytime.
Our qualified auditors continuously implement audits of manufacturers, suppliers and construction contractors working on our projects.


To ensure consistently highest quality services, our company is accredited with ISO 9001: 2008