Safety always matters.

Caring for people’s safety is guiding all what we do.

All ORS entities and employees are fully committed to the highest standard of QHSE excellence.

We believe that safety is central to everything we do, is integrated into every step of our operations,
and we work continually to ensure it is at the core of our

QHSE commitment.

Our management systems, procedures and policies depend upon the actions of individuals for them to be effective, and every individual within our organization has a role to play. Our employees are properly trained in all safety guidelines and requirements. And they are actively engaged and empowered through QHSE procedures.

ORS mission is striving towards being a leader in Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

Our goal is zero accidents, zero injuries and zero environmental non-conformances.

We are committed to integrating QHSE excellence into all our activities and our safety rules and procedures are clearly defined.

Health and Safety Program

is clearly the guideline with which everybody within our company shares his own responsability, to increase safety.

All employees and contractors understand that working safely is a condition of employment.
Our projects, products and processes are managed in a way that constantely protects the health and safety of people and also minimizes environmental impacts.

Our goals and objectives are achieved through the cooperation, involvement, awareness and action of ORS employees, contractors and visitors.