Always providing best Drilling Fluids & Completion Products.

Best Chemical Supply is a key feature in drilling fluids business.

ORS Chemical sourcing & supply is managed and always prepared to get the right product, in the right place, at the right time for the right price.

ORS is a supplier of Oil, Water and Synthetic Based Mud.

In addition to a complete line of reservoir drill-in, completion and workover fluids and additives to make oil and gas drilling more productive, ORS provides over 350 different products : Weighting agent and clays, lost circulation materials, chemicals, completion fluids and OBM products…

The procured products are only from established, well qualified suppliers.

We have an internal evaluation procedure to evaluate and select qualified local and international suppliers. Our evaluation procedure is based on international standards such as API, OCMA, etc.


The proposed fluids formulations can be altered to meet various drilling activity requirements. Other issues such as packaging and labeling are also organized to increase visibility, coordination and safety.


ORS ensures professional Supply chain management and shipping consolidation.