ORS offers a wide range of waste management equipments to minimize generated waste and contaminated discharged cuttings during drilling.  This helps us keep our environment clean and ensures that our operations are in compliance with international/national environmental legislations.


Solidification Unit :

This equipment is used to solidify and stabilize drill solids recovered from drilling or oil production activity.

Equipment can be adapted to the type of solids to be treated, the type of pollutant, the volume to be treated and climatic conditions. Flexible installations include:

  • Mobile & fixed from 4 to 40 tons per hour
  • Desert conditions

On site mixing and drying of drill cuttings and/or centrifuge solids discharge to an acceptable level for onsite burial or transport to disposal.


Fluid clarification Unit (Dewatering Unit) :

Used to condition and flocculate drilling fluids. Customized for your specific application. Available with many options,

including: fully automatic, trailer or skid mounted, centrifuge integrated, 20 or 30 foot, fixed or mobile.