“ORS Fluids gives us better wellbore conditions for less money than any other mud company”
Eric Romberg- Drilling / Completions Engineer- Linn Energy


“These guys will be there when you need experience”
Scott Gruns- VP-Drilling- BRG Petroleum


“ORS Fluids has continually provided us with solid service and products. They are a definite asset to my drilling team”
Gene Duncan- Drilling Superintendent- Ranken Energy


“ORS Fluids assembles qualified experienced teams that aggressively and successfully attack cost sensitive parameters in the drilling of horizontal wells, while maintaining a quality mud system.”
Wes Hart- Drilling / Completions Manager- Red Willow Production


“ORS Fluids has supplied us quality products and excellent service at a reasonable price. ORS Fluids is flexible to handle all of the mud requirements for both deep, hot, long horizontals in the South Texas Eagleford and Chalk trends as well as for shallower, fast drilling infield Frio and Miocene development wells in the Gulf Coast area, from initial well programming to final job recap. I plan to use ORS Fluids on the next wells Texas Crude drills in their operational areas and strongly recommend them to other operators.”
Michael Huhnke- VP – Operations Texas Crude Energy


“ORS Fluids has provided drilling fluids to Valence Operating Company for many years. I can’t remember a time when products weren’t on time and delivered in excellent condition. They have a great reputation in East Texas as being a company truly concerned about a positive outcome for their customer. Their product pricing and service shows their commitment to my bottom line at the rig.”
Mike Chaffin, Drilling Engineer – Valence Operating Co.


“The heart of ORS Fluids is the quality of service. For more than 20 years, their leadership focuses on customer care and delivery of a quality product.”
Scott Stanford, President, Republic Petroleum, LLC.