ORS operations are driven in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

We respect the law, support universal human rights and protect the environment by preventing pollution.

We continually improve our management systems so that our employees, customers, and neighbors will experience a healthy, safe and secure environment.

  • INTEGRITY : Honesty with others and ourselves.
  • TRUST : Trust and support each other.
  • RESPECT : Dealing fairly and openly with employees, customers,
    suppliers and community.
  • EXCELLENCE : Reaching the highest performance in everything we do,
    and strive to continually improve it.
  • CUSTOMER FIRST : Customers are number one priority and we
    consistently strive to exceed their expectations.
  • DIVERSITY : Learn from and deeply respect the cultures in which we work.
  • INGENUITY : Always seeking new opportunities and exceptional
    tailored solutions.
  • PROTECTING PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENT : Place highest priority on
    health and safety of our teams. And protection of our assets and
    the environment.

These values shape everything we do, from how we develop our technologies to how we serve our customers, employees and communities.